Welcome to the Burnout Prevention Summit

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September 12 - 14, 2022

Our mission with this summit is to:

  • identify your causes of burnout so you can do something about them,
  • deepen our understanding of how burnout shows up in our lives,
  • and to provide strategies to help with burnout prevention and recovery

All videos will be 20 - 30 minutes each and are available for 24 hours for free

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Summit Schedule

Day 1 - Internal Sources of Stress

9:00 am – Trauma informed stress management: why meditation and mindfulness aren’t always the answer – Avery Thatcher (she/her/hers)

10:00 am – Getting Back to Ourselves – Ashlee Hoelck (she/her/hers)

11:00 am – Anxiety and Ethics – Nicole O’Neil (she/her/hers)

12:00 pm – The Surprising Link between Stress and Addiction and How to Heal from Burnout – Megan Armstrong (she/her/hers)

1:00 pm – Belonging – Curing Loneliness in Busy People – Sashua Benay (she/her/hers)

2:00 pm – Decide Your Destiny: Stories of resilience – Kyle Spyrides (he/him/his)

3:00 pm – Understanding anxiety and how to master it – Damian Murdoch (he/him/his)

Day 2 - External Sources of Stress

9:00 am – Combatting Corporate Burnout – Emma Matthews

10:00 am – How to Break Free from Financial Blocks & Get Your Mind to Cooperate – Camille Walker (she/her/hers)

11:00 am – How to spot and overcome relationship anxiety: healing through self intimacy – Ohouo Goa (she/her/hers)

12:00 pm – Family Burnout: Understanding the Language of Boundaries – Kaneesha Hill-Johnson (she/her/hers)

1:00 pm – From Cluttered to Clarity: 4 Secrets to Organizing Your Life & Home – Dianne Jimenez (she/her/hers)

2:00 pm – Energize Your Life with Food – Madelaine Romero (she/her/hers)

3:00 pm – How to stop pushing through pain and fatigue… and still get it all done! – Dustin Thatcher (he/him/his)

Day 3 - Practical Strategies to Lower Stress and Prevent Burnout

9:00 am – Yoga in our Burnout Prevention Toolbox  – Shannon Kaneshige (they/them/theirs)

10:00 am – The Healing Power of Reflective Writing – Antoinette Chanel (she/her/hers)

11:00 am – QiGong for Stress Recovery – Dustin Thatcher (he/his/him)

12:00 pm – Using Emotional Freedom Technique to alleviate your stress levels – Patience Modevi (she/her/hers)

1:00 pm – Centering Prayer Practice (Secular) – Ohouo Goa (she/her/hers)

2:00 pm – Powerful Healing through Art Therapy (no art experience required) – Avery Thatcher (she/her/hers)

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Meet Ashlee Hoelck - Mindset Coach (she/her/hers)

Getting Back to Ourselves

My name is Ashlee Hoelck and I am a Mindset Coach for women who’ve left abusive or toxic relationships. In the fall of 2020, I healed 12 years of chronic pain with manifestation, inner work, and forgiveness through the help of coaches. My chronic pain was emotional trauma from an abusive relationship in my teens. My coaches’ work had such an impact of my life that I’ve found my purpose in helping other women to heal and fully thrive. I’ve recently launched my business, Phoenix Rize Coaching, to do just that.

Meet Antoinette Chanel - Author and Publisher

The Healing Power of Reflective Writing

Antoinette Chanel is an author, publisher, and speaker. Her career began when she was 11 years old and won a school-wide poetry contest. From there, she leveraged her writing talents into two master’s degrees, 15+ years of professional blogging and freelance writing experience, and a decade-long career as a professor and instructional designer.

Through Feathered Press, Antoinette is able to empower others to tell their stories, help authors become published, and change how the world regards books and publishing. She hosts quarterly workshops to help other writers nurture their craft and learn about the publishing business.

Meet Avery Thatcher - Burnout Prevention & Stress Management Advocate

Trauma Informed Stress Management - why meditation and mindfulness don't always work

I was an ICU RN for many years and what I noticed was that the majority of reasons adults found themselves in the ICU were because of illnesses and diseases that could be linked to chronic stress and burnout. I decided to get out of the reactive side of medicine in 2015 and started helping highly-sensitive, high-achievers prevent burnout and reverse the negative health effects of stress.

It’s been a journey (ahem…understatement…) but I have rediscovered who I am and reconnected to my purpose: to live with vulnerability, resilience and compassion so that I can show others what’s possible when they master their stress, emotions, habits and self-talk. Mastering these skills unlocks our true potential and a lifetime of beautiful possibility.

Meet Camille Walker - Mentor, Trainer, and Facilitator

How to Break Free from Financial Blocks & Get Your Mind to Cooperate

An experienced attorney Camille helped individuals navigate legal challenges in the areas of debt, disability and death. Now in her second chapter Camille works in leadership development with executives and entrepreneurs as a mindset coach. Her specialty is helping high performers navigate transition and release the subconscious blocks that keep them from making the impact and income they desire.

Camille is a master at sorting through the clutter to find the best route. She sees patterns where others simply see the chaos. Camille has a proven track record in walking leaders through a fog of confusion to arrive at the chosen path-their strategy. Camille is a mentor, trainer, facilitator to entrepreneurs, sales teams and purpose-driven companies.

When Camille isn’t working she enjoys family, walking nature trails, reading and having great conversations with good food. She enjoys learning growing and transforming life through serving others.

Meet Dianne Jimenez - Mom of 3 and Professional Organizer (she/her/hers)

From Cluttered to Clarity: 4 Secrets to Organizing Your Life & Home

I’m passionate about lighting the way for parents struggling with maintaining the household all while trying to raise capable kids.

Rather than all tasks & responsibilities falling on one person, my mission is to help decrease the mental load this all entails through my online courses and membership community.

It brings me so much joy to help parents get clear and stimulate the action-taker within them to uncover the next steps that are in line with achieving their home organizing & parenting goals.

Meet Dustin Thatcher - QiGong Instructor and Chronic Pain Specialist MScOT (he/him/his)

How to stop pushing through pain and fatigue... and still get it all done!

With our bogged-down healthcare systems, those experiencing persistent pain are often given a pill and sent on their way, rather than devoting time for the nuanced journey of chronic pain management – this is where Dustin’s passion lies! Combining theoretical and practical knowledge from his Master’s degree and post-graduate certificate in pain management, in addition to lived-experience, Dustin integrates knowledge with gentle movement to manage his own symptoms, and wants to help others unlock their potential. With an accessible online qigong practice, education, movement adaptations, and fatigue management, Dustin creates a safe atmosphere to explore movement with less tension and more flow, allowing you to trust your body once again!

Meet Emma Matthews - Burnout Recovery Mentor

Combatting Corporate Burnout

Emma had a high-flying career in Financial Services, reaching senior positions in which she worked alongside the C-Suite of large multinational organizations. On paper, she had it all, but inside was a different story.

She experienced severe burnout and felt the bottom had fallen out of her world.

Through Emma’s experiences, she realized how many gaps there are in the system for burnout prevention and recovery. She trained in the modalities that helped her reach the other side.

Now 5 years on from the peak of burnout, Emma is a qualified coach, therapeutic coach, hypnotherapist, and mentor, helping clients and corporates around the world manage stress, prevent burnout, and collapse time on burnout recovery.

Meet Kaneesha Hill-Johnson - Energy Ally and Generational Patterns Coach (she/her/hers)

Family Burnout: Understanding the Language of Boundaries

Kaneesha is an energy ally who enjoys helping spiritual seekers better understand themselves through emotional and mental work and past life travel. She is a licensed massage therapist and understands how suppressing the soul can affect the body and mind. With a combination of both being an energy worker and massage therapist, she can assist spiritual seekers through intuitive sessions to gain knowledge in feeling unstuck.

Meet Madelaine Romero - Health Mentor

Energize Your Life with Food

Madelaine Romero is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at Universidad de Santa Isabel with a master’s in health coaching at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. She is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach with the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching, Certified Life Coach, Law of Attraction and Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, HOBSCOTCH Memory Coach and Seizure First Aid Trainer. Her ikigai is working within the Epilepsy community helping epilepsy warriors with self-management, self-efficacy and mental fitness improvement, while learning self-care strategies to help them thrive when dealing with a host of chronic health issues.

Meet Megan Armstrong - Codependency and Addictions Recovery Mentor (she/her/hers)

The Surprising Link between Stress and Addiction and How to Heal from Burnout

Megan Armstrong is a Holistic Relationship Coach, Public Speaker, Online Course Creator, Mental Health Champion and Podcast Host. Megan’s work spans from working with codependents to break addiction, to helping people pleasers break free from depression and anxiety to empowering women around body image issues. She is currently recording for her new podcast, Healing with the Healing Hippie. Outside of work, Megan can be found traveling with her favorite band, Dead & Company, working out, loving on her four cats and healing through art.

Meet Nicole O'Neil - Photographer and Anxiety Relief Coach (she/her/hers)

Ethics and Anxiety

Nicole is a photographer, business owner, podcast host and anxiety support coach. Her passion is in helping others whether it is seeing themselves in a more positive light in photographs or helping them become attuned to their anxiety rather than seeing it as the enemy. Nicole believes in an individual approach to anxiety awareness and management, even in group settings. She also likes to remind everyone that anxiety is extremely common and they are not alone. Anxiety is a normal nervous system function that, when befriended, can be used to empower the self and connect deeper to your body and mind.

Meet Ohouo Goa - Heartbreak Coach

How to spot and overcome relationship anxiety: healing through self intimacy

I am Ohouo, the Intimacy Maven. I have been through countless breakups because I did not feel enough or worthy of love, which was developed in my childhood. I had walls around my heart preventing me from loving and being loved. Fortunately, I was able to heal, feel vibrant, lit-up, and in love with myself through self intimacy. Hence, I vowed to help women find self intimacy after their heartbreak.

Meet Patience Modevi - EFT and NLP Practitioner (she/her/hers)

Using Emotional Freedom Technique to alleviate your stress levels

Patience is a lifestyle and mindset coach, and an EFT & NLP practitioner. She developed a passion for the Emotional Freedom Technique and applies it daily to her life. She was so taken by the release she experienced, that she decided to share her knowledge with other women so that they too can find this release within.

Meet Sashua Benay - Transformation Coach and Intuitive Mentor (she/her/hers)

Belonging - Curing Loneliness in Busy People

Sashua Benay is a Transformation Coach, Intuitive Mentor, Workshop Facilitator & Speaker who inspires & empowers Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Teams to Find Their Truth & Path of Happiness through Conscious Living & Leadership. She does this through a unique combination of group & 1 to 1 coaching & programs using her signature Beyond Mindset Methodologies. She has 12 years’ experience in Corporate HR plus 18 years in Personal Mastery Coaching, creating everlasting transformation with all her clients who use words such as “The Real Deal” “The Missing Link” & “Absolutely Remarkable” to describe her work.

Meet Shannon Kaneshige - 500hr RYT (they/them/theirs)

Using Emotional Freedom Technique to alleviate your stress levels

 Shannon Kaneshige is a yoga practitioner and instructor, sociologist, and intuitive. As a 500 RYT, they have become known for their expertise in teaching diverse body types and creating options for folks of all mobility levels. Shannon helps folks use their movement, meditation, and ritual practices to reconnect with their whole selves.

Shannon lives in what is now known as Toronto with their partner and child. They hold a master’s degree in sociology from Roosevelt University and are a registered yoga teacher, teaching public classes and other teachers. You can find them at fringeish.com.

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